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  • What are the Valais Blacknose Sheep?
    The Blacknose sheep originate from the Valais canton of Switzerland. Native to the Upper Valais region, the Valais Blacknose graze in the Alps in the summer months, June-September. The Blacknose is a sturdy breed which is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountains, which can be endured even in the summer months. There is evidence that the Blacknose has existed since the 15th century, however they have changed greatly in appearance over the years and once resembled the likes of a Scottish Blackface. Over time, characteristics have evolved to the majestic sheep we see today. The breed was introduced to the US via imported semen and the first animals were born in 2018. The first full blooded Swiss Valais were introduced in the US in 2021 via embryos imported from New Zealand. They are considered the World's Cutest Sheep, and you can easily see why. They look like stuffed toys and have very gentle personalities.
  • What do the Valais cost?
    Short answer is, they are expensive! A full blooded Swiss Valais ram can start around $15K and the ewes are $25K. Why are they so expensive? Most of the full blooded animals in the US came from imported embryos. Each embryo costs anywhere from $3-$5K. These embryos are implanted into a recipient (surrogate) ewe. On average, only about 50% of these embryos survive. That means it cost the breeder anywhere from $6-$10K just for one animal!
  • Can your animals be shipped?
    We have worked with several great shippers who can deliver your animals from our farm in Michigan to anywhere in the US!
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