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These are our three adult, ADGA Nigerian Dwarf does, Hoppy, Kate and Tiny. I just love this picture of them. They are all smiling!! We kept one of Kate's babies and her name is Piper. Isn't she just adorable?!


This is Meadowmist Light Saber, our 3 year old ADGA Nigerian Buck and the sire of all our 2021 kids (AKA Piper's daddy!). I love this guys size, color, and personality. And he has excellent milk genetics too. We purchased two new bucks in 2021, Meadowmist IV Into Mischief (aka Loki, below) and Northwind Pratt God of Thunder (aka Thor, below right). These two have some serious milk behind them and I can't wait to use them in our breeding program. 

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