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This is River (F7 purebred) and her 2020 doeling Brooke (F8 purebred). These were our first two Mini Nubian girls and we are so pleased with them! They have excellent breed characteristics, amazing temperaments, and give us lots of milk. Oh yeah, and they both have gorgeous blue eyes!

This gorgeous little F8 purebred doeling is Brooke's baby Phoebe from spring of 2021. We decided to keep her for our breeding program to see what her sire (Awzan) is going to throw for milkers. Plus, she's just beautiful, don't you agree??


Meet Snuggz. He is our F5, MDGA registered Mini Nubian buck. He has some amazing milk behind him. I'm hoping for a doeling from him and River to keep!! I'll be creating buck profiles on here soon to showcase his genetics but he has developed into one handsome boy!

This is Awzan. He is an F7 purebred with blue eyes, flash and milk! He is Phoebe's sire. He is such a sweet boy with a great disposition. I'm so excited to see how his girls from 2021 turn out. 

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