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About Hesed Farms

We purchased our first goats, two Nigerian Dwarf doelings, in the spring of 2016. We didn't have a farm name yet, or really any idea what we were going to do with these two adorable baby goats.

In the fall of 2017, we decided to breed our girls so we could enjoy having babies and some fresh milk. If we were going to raise babies, we wanted to register them with a great farm name. So we began to pray about what to name our farm. We wanted to honor God with whatever name we chose. We decided to use a Hebrew word for our farm name. But which one?

We discovered the word "hesed" and when we read its meaning, we knew it was the perfect fit for us. Hesed is the Hebrew word used to describe the concept of unconditional love. The kind of love that Jesus displayed with his death on the cross to save us so we could be with Him for eternity. That is what hesed is. 

That is what we want this farm to be. A place that allows us to unconditionally love others the way Jesus loves us. That is also the reason for the shepherd's crook / cross symbol that you see on our page and our products. Jesus is our shepherd and our savior. And we want everything about this farm to honor Him. 

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